Jim and Julie Lin Breaking Barriers Scholarship

This award is intended for those “unsung students” who labor to bring equity, diversity, inclusion, compassion and social justice to light within the UC San Diego and the San Diego communities. Through the Cross-Cultural Center (CCC), the Jim & Julie Lin Breaking Barriers Award will be granted to a student who has demonstrated skill and passion in developing new programs or initiatives that substantially impact the CCC and the UC San Diego community. Examples may include: •Initiate independent studies to explore and study history and culture not accessible in current curriculum.

•Identify and implement effective solutions to equity, diversity and inclusion issues not addressed by the university.
•Initiate innovative programs and events that impact the CCC and Campus as a whole.
•Address educational and social inequalities facing the local communities around UC San Diego through programming and student-initiated efforts.
•Bridge various communities together around leadership and programmatic efforts for equity, diversity,inclusion, and social justice.
•Exemplify the interplay between transforming the self to transforming the world and the embodiment,application, and modeling of personal growth, self-care activism, social intelligence, compassion,wisdom, and self-actualization in creating sustainable leadership and social change.

up to $1,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. UCSD Letter of Recommendation It is important to enter your recommender contact information on this application as soon as possible so that your recommender will have ample time in which to complete and upload your recommendation before the deadline. One Letter of Recommendation from an academic, staff, and/or UCSD community member who can expand on your activism, projects, or research. Be sure to ask / notify your recommender about the recommendation letter request immediately. IMPORTANT: Provide your recommender with your UCSD ID number. The email sent to your recommender will only list your ID number and not your name. The system removes your name from all correspondence for confidentiality purposes. (Pressing the "Save and Keep Editing" button at the base of this page will ensure that your reference request is sent even if your General Application is not complete.)
  2. Confirm that you understand the following statement - "I understand that my name will be released with my PUBLIC statement"
  3. Describe your involvement in activities or organizations that demonstrate your efforts to internationalize and diversify the UCSD campus community.
  4. Please upload a copy of your Academic History (available thru Tritonlink).
  5. Provide information about your university or college-level academic, campus, or community service/leadership.
  6. Please submit a Resume, vitae and/or creative representations of accomplishments (poetry, videos, expressive arts, performance, websites, etc.)
  7. Student essay (1-2 page, double spaced) showing your involvement and commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice.
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