Raza Resource Centro Transfer Scholarship

Full time continuing Transfer student, with a 2.0+ GPA, who has demonstrated action / support / leadership in helping high school or community college Latinx students advance to college or university. Enrollment for the upcoming Fall , Winter , or Spring quarters is required.

Supplemental Questions
  1. I am a transfer student from a community college
  2. What have you contributed or plan to do to help Latinx students transfer to a university? What experiences in successfully transferring to a university have you shared with other community college Latinx students?
  3. What do you see as the biggest challenges Latinx transfer students face in successfully graduating from college?
  4. Supervisor, Staff or UCSD Faculty Recommendation (Preferred)
    It is important to enter your recommender's contact information on this application as soon as possible so they may have ample amount of time in which to complete and upload your recommendation before the deadline.

    Be sure to ask / notify your recommender about the request immediately. It is best practice to share information about yourself with them for the purposes of your letter of recommendation.

    IMPORTANT: You must use the UCSD email address for all faculty / staff requests.

    (Pressing the "Save and Keep Editing" button at the base of this page will ensure that your reference request is sent.)