UJIMA Network Black History Month Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Currently enrolled full-time undergraduate students. This scholarship recognizes academic and creative achievement of African Americans, their history and culture through either a research paper or publicly presented creative work or presentation. All applications require a Faculty recommendation and completed supplemental questions.

Preference given to students who have declared an African American Studies Minor.

Up to $3,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. UJIMA Black History Month Scholarship Project Questions
    • 1. Project Title or Project Description
    • 2. Describe your motivation for study, content and relevance to today
    • 3. What did you learn through this submitted work as it relates to the study of African Americans, their history and culture?
    • 4. How does your project relate to African Americans and their culture and history?
  2. Please choose one of the following options to submit your project:
    • Please enter your youtube link which supports the history and culture of African Americans. You must make your youtube project PUBLIC.
    • Please upload your creative work, research paper or video which supports the history and culture of African Americans. (File limit of 10MB.)
  3. UCSD Faculty Recommendation
    It is important to enter your faculty contact information on this application as soon as possible so that your professor will have ample amount of time in which to complete and upload your recommendation before the deadline.

    Be sure to ask / notify your professor about the recommendation letter request immediately. It is best practice to share information about yourself with your professor for the purposes of your letter of recommendation.

    IMPORTANT: You must use the UCSD email address for all faculty requests.

    Pressing the "Save and Keep Editing" button at the base of this page will ensure that your reference request is sent.

  4. Have you declared an African American Studies Minor?