Darcy and Robert Bingham Scholarship

UCSD Student Employee, currently working 15+ work hours per week and will be a UCSD student employee in the upcoming academic year. Requires supervisor recommendation letter with supplemental questions to be considered.

Before you apply, ask your supervisor if they would be willing to write a recommendation letter for you.
Students will not be able to view the recommendation letter.

Your supervisor will receive a link for secure upload.

To check if your supervisor Recommendation Letter has been received, click References (top of application). If not received, click Resend and an automatic reminder will be emailed to your supervisor.

Up to $2,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Supplemental Questions
    • Do you plan to work during Fall, Winter, Spring in the upcoming Academic Year?
    • In an essay format, please address the following questions:

      [1] What contributions have you and your department made to one another?

      [2] Have you been promoted or assumed any new responsibilities since you began working for the department?

      [3] What have you learned from your work experience on campus?
    • Indicate UCSD division/area that you are employed:
    • Please provide your UCSD Supervisor's Contact Information:
    • What is the number of hours you work per week?